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About me :
I was born in june 1961 in IRAN(Tehran).
I have been passed my primary and high school educations in:
BORHAN school in Tehran.
SADY school in Gachsaran.
BABA TAHER high school in Tehran.
BOZORG TEHRAN high school in Tehran.
After graduation from high school ,I intruduced myself for military service(Contemporaneous IRAN & IRAQ WAR).
After military service ,I got married and after marriage, in age 23 years ,I continued my educations in agricultural engineering (Animal Huabandry)in university .

The History or my positions:
In 1986 I engaged in Ministry of Jahade Sazandegy as a Poultry Technician.
After two years my position changed to Farm Manager in one of 12 local poultry breeding center in Iran.
I worked about six years in this center.In local poultry center we reared Native poultry Breeds and selected them for breeding purpose. At same time I despatched to FRANCE for passing HATCHERY MANAGEMENT course .
After that experiences ,I worked in ziyaran poultry complex (pure line and GP & parent stock)as a HATCHERY MANAGER.After 4 years my position changed to Production Manager in ziyaran poultry complex (pure line and GP & parent stock).
One of the best wishes for most engineers is latest position and I achived this wish with too much endeavour.
My present position is counsellor in poultry support center(MARKAZE POSHTIBANY TOYUR) .

Transfer of knowledges is my favorite:
About 200 Agricultural Engineering students passed their training course in poultry with me.
All of them , after their training period told me that I was good teacher for them.Some of them,now,working in a big farms as a poultry farm manager or hatchery manager.
Never ,I haven,t been tired from teaching Poultry to other people because I like birds.
For above reason I built the site for people who intrested to poultry.
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