Atlas of south eastern IRAN CHICKENS
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Welcome To My Web site :
Hellow everbody.
My name is HAMID REZA ZIYAEE .I,m from IRAN .I live in TEHRAN .
I have B.S degree in Agricultural Engineering (Animal Husbandry) with 16 years experience work in poultry section.
Some of my last positions are:
-Farm Manager in local poultry breeding centre in Kerman state.
-Prouduction Manager in ZIYARAN POULTRY COMPLEX .
(Pure line and Grand Parent & Breeders Flocks)
Even now ,I,m Working in Poultry Support center as a Counsellor.
My reason from presentation of this web site is introduction some IRANIAN chickens.
All photo have been taken by myself in 1991.
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Provided by :
Eng : Hamid Reza Ziyaee

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I have another web site too,To see this site please click here :

Attention please:
I,m going to make IRAN CHICKENS atlas.
If you have each photo or image from iranian chickens please send me with any descriptions and your specifications.
It will be greatful appreciated if you send this informations.
Help me to introduce IRAN CHICKENS to other people in the world.
thank you.

Kerman local poultry center hatchery (1991)
In Kerman local poultry center ,I Was farm manager & we were producing chicks from our native flocks .
After 45 days (brooding period)we were distributing pullets in villages.
If you want more informations please Send an email